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XMPP Server is Working Again!

CypherPunk <[email protected]> [2014-02-13 20:20:01]:
> Hello Everyone,
> Just wanted to let everyone know that the XMPP server at chat.cpunk.us
> is again operational. I experienced problems with it and ended up having
> to restore it (which, unfortunately, deleted all the user accounts).
> Please feel free to register again using the client of your choice.
> Server Name: 	 chat.cpunk.us
> Supports: 	 Voice, Video, and Text chat
> Server Software: OpenFire
> Server OS:	 Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS
> Server Location: New York
> Supports SSL?    Yes
> Support Email:   [email protected]
> Certificate: 		 	Self-signed. Fingerprint below.
> Certificate Fingerprint (SHA1): 327581c67147225943ff36063fb6c293e95df5d3
> Certificate Fingerprint (MD5):  10e8fd94a16c911bf72dc214f4e45966

On the server-side:

Even ignoring the self-signed cert, it only gets a C, since TLS is not
supported (only SSLv3 is supported)

On the client-side:

Please upgrade your Java instance, and then disable weak ciphers:


Pranesh Prakash
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Access to Knowledge Fellow, Information Society Project, Yale Law School
M: +1 520 314 7147 | W: http://yaleisp.org
PGP ID: 0x1D5C5F07 | Twitter: https://twitter.com/pranesh_prakash

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