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XMPP Server is Working Again!

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that the XMPP server at chat.cpunk.us
is again operational. I experienced problems with it and ended up having
to restore it (which, unfortunately, deleted all the user accounts).
Please feel free to register again using the client of your choice.

Server Name: 	 chat.cpunk.us
Supports: 	 Voice, Video, and Text chat
Server Software: OpenFire
Server OS:	 Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS
Server Location: New York
Supports SSL?    Yes
Support Email:   [email protected]

Certificate: 		 	Self-signed. Fingerprint below.
Certificate Fingerprint (SHA1): 327581c67147225943ff36063fb6c293e95df5d3
Certificate Fingerprint (MD5):  10e8fd94a16c911bf72dc214f4e45966

PLEASE NOTE: cpunk.us is NOT associated in any way with the Cypherpunks
mailing list, its administrators, or any member of the list other than
myself. As such, neither is chat.cpunk.us. This is just a public service
I'm providing because I believe in privacy.