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Chaotic Times on the Dark Nets

At 08:39 AM 2/14/2014, Robert Hettinga wrote:
>On Feb 14, 2014, at 10:34 AM, Martin Becze <[email protected]> wrote:
> > Decentralized hosting/computing would be nice and solve these issues.
>Need bearer cash for that. :-)

Not really - Bitcoin's sort of close enough to bearer cash for paying 
for hosting,
but the scenario we've been looking at was
         - Hosting accepts bitcoins (or bearer cache or whatever.)
         - Narcs harass hosting provider in lieu of actual operator
         - Hosting provider rolls over, lets narcs bug the system 
and/or hosting provider's billing system
         - Bugged system hands the operator a bugged PDF along with 
the bill, or some similar trap
Even a hosting provider who accepts digital bearer cash and gets paid 
in advance is going to do billing.

I'm a bit skeptical about how you do distributed hosting adequately here,
though perhaps Tahoe with enough users would work.
Obfuscating the location of the hosting is easier,
but somewhat-distributed hosting is going to just mean that there are 
a bunch of hosting providers,
each of which accepts some kind of bearer payment and has some level 
of willingness to narc on users.
Maybe 90% of the providers won't narc on their users, but that means 
you need to be safe against the other 10%.