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UPD2: negative reaction from Ministry of Econ Development UPD: draft is available Re: Russia want completely ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

So Ministry of Economic Development reacts negatively on that draft,
says definition of "money surrogate" is too broad, in current redaction
that can lead to ban on almost everything (gift cards, loyalty programs,

It's not like they vote for Bitcoin, as RT says in title, seems like
they just want more realistic definition.

> According to regulations, the Ministry of Finance can either re-submit
the revised bill to the Ministry of Economic Development, or submit it
to the government without changes, enclosing a table of differences on
the project.

http://rt.com/news/218019-bill-ban-bitcoin-russia/ (English)

Anton Nesterov:
> Anton Nesterov wrote:
>> Ministry of Finance of Russia drafted a bill to ban cryptocurrencies
>> with administrative or criminal penalty for mining and other operation.
>> Also they want to censor bitcoin-related websites.
>> This will come into force in 2015.
>> http://top.rbc.ru/economics/01/08/2014/940521.shtml (in Russian)
> OK, draft is available now:
> http://regulation.gov.ru/project/17205.html?point=view_project&stage=2&stage_id=13089
> Draft bans surrogate money and defines this as currency, including the
> electronic, used for payments or/and exchange, beside the ones described
> in federal law (definitely this includes bitcoins).
> Emission, creating and distribution software for emission of money
> surrogates, distribution of information which can be used to emission
> money surrogates and/or operation with them, operation with money
> surrogates: 30-50k rubles ($750-1.25k) for citizens, 60-100k
> ($1.5k-2.5k) for govt officials, 500k-1m ($12.5k-25k) for legal entities.
> Also it gives power to the Bank of Russia to censor websites related to
> the emission and operations with money surrogates.
> If any Russians read this: you can add proxy= to your
> bitcoin.conf/litecoin.conf/dogecoin.conf/etc., and this will proxy all
> your connection via Tor network (of course you need also to run Tor for
> that).

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