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Tribler also means you're an exit node?

It is also chock-full of child-porn torrents, based on my limited 
testing. So not only are you exposing yourself to copyright infringement 

I filed a "bug" before I heard just how terrible their crypto was, 
simply to say that I should be able to add a block-list or filter to the 
kinds of things I'll be an exit for. I haven't heard back since. 
Relaying, sure; I don't know what I'm relaying, and I'm willing to agree 
that the importance of freedom of speech and privacy is critical enough 
to accept some risk of relaying stuff I consider inhuman. But exiting, 
when I have every ability to choose to block that shit? That's a blatant 
missing feature, right there.

Then I saw the code, and cried a little. The unpadded RSA, the mess of 
optional dependecies and woeful fallbacks, import soup.. there is a dark 
side to the kind of coding freedom Python allows you, and this is deep 
dark-side magic right here.

Do not want. apt-get purge.

On 24/12/14 23:01, Patrick Mylund Nielsen wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 24, 2014 at 5:22 PM, Ryan Carboni <[email protected]
> <mailto:[email protected]>> wrote:
>     Tribler also means you're an exit node?
>     http://forum.tribler.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6906
> Why torrent files the normal way when you can become anonymous by
> torrenting small chunks of huge numbers of files instead? I'm sure ISPs
> and prosecutors will understand!
> Even if they start mentioning this little detail, their implementation
> would still be horribly broken: ECB mode without authentication, no RSA
> padding, poor random numbers, and code like this:
>      try:
>          raise ImportError()
>          from Crypto.Random.random import StrongRandom
>      except ImportError:
>          from random import Random as StrongRandom
> The list goes on:
> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-dev/2014-December/007999.html
> Tribler is the Telegram of torrent clients. Stay far away from it.