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[qubes-users] First Mention of Qubes in US Court Documents

On 12/02/14 21:15, Seth wrote:
>  From the affidavit:
> EGOTISTICALSHALLOT was created in 2014 by
> Tailored Access Operations as a
> QUANTUMTHEORY Computer Network
> Exploitation component effective against hardened
> Whoonix Qubes users on the Tor Network.
> Search engine results for EGOTISTICALSHALLOT are almost non-existent.
> Does anyone have more info about this exploitation component?

As far as I know, this is purely hypothetical.  The relevant text from 
the previous page is:

"22. An example of a document not supported wholly by the public 
knowledge base is provided below in two parts. This fictional example is 
constructed to convey some similarities to parts of reporting in the 
public knowledge base."


PS: Yes, there are quite a lot of interesting things in these documents 
other than the mention of Qubes and Whoonix [sic].  The use of a Tor 
hidden service with a partial name of "sunshine" is not lost on me, nor 
is it likely to be lost on Judge Aiken (though Mr. Peck would be well 
advised that Justice Brandeis actually used the word, "sunlight," and 
not, "sunshine").