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Urea at NSA Utah Data Center

For the shrewd decryption of "UT" U R being sent
a set of asbestos Underwear for eternal sleep protection
at UG H.

At 12:20 AM 7/29/2013, you wrote:

>It could also be a snide comment about being in Utah, or an 
>alternative to a sign saying "These aren't the droids you're looking 
>for" or "Beware of the leopard".
>Back in ~1990 when we bid on rewiring the Pentagon, there were a lot 
>of "we can't tell you what's here" or "too secret to let you run 
>wires through it" spaces, along with a bunch of areas that almost 
>certainly had too much asbestos to actually run wires through the 
>plenum.  (Our prime contractor didn't win the bid, which was 
>probably just as well for them.)