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Urea at NSA Utah Data Center

At 05:41 AM 7/28/2013, John Young wrote:
>There are two spaces labeled "Urea Tank Room" in the NSA Utah
>Data Center's Generator Plant shown in construction drawings
>recently leaked:
>See Generator Plant floor plan drawing 11.2 A101 at bottom and
>top left, spaces labeled "UT."
>Urea is used in fuel cells. Are there other uses of urea in generator
>or data processing equipment?

It could also be a snide comment about being in Utah, or an 
alternative to a sign saying "These aren't the droids you're looking 
for" or "Beware of the leopard".

Back in ~1990 when we bid on rewiring the Pentagon, there were a lot 
of "we can't tell you what's here" or "too secret to let you run 
wires through it" spaces, along with a bunch of areas that almost 
certainly had too much asbestos to actually run wires through the 
plenum.  (Our prime contractor didn't win the bid, which was probably 
just as well for them.)