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The Muslim Problem

george torwell <[email protected]> wrote:
> newb here,
> wasnt that the reason the original list died?
> not the hate speech, the censorship of unpopular opinions <and competing
> products>?
> arent we trying to re insert the punk into cypherpunk?
> show me that punk aint dead list... <or send me hate mail. in true
> cypherpunk spirit>

My recollection is that it was a combination of people drifting away
onto other lists with a less, ahem, combative spirit, and many of the
old-timers losing interest. That the latter was coincident with many of
the CDR nodes going down was probably no coincidence, as it were.

In any case, there's been no censorship 'round these parts except the
now-standard filtering of posts by nonmembers (known remailers are also
whitelisted). If someone gets truly abusive I'm sure we could vote them
off the island, as it were, but in most cases I'm pretty sure the
community should be able to defend itself without resorting to