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[cryptography] To Protect and Infect Slides

i was thinking about 'hidden powerline networking' as a threat
the other day. basically anything that could be plugged into a
socket with hidden one-way networking on chip, that would
be able to siphon network data or use as a sensor or bug &
send this data into a larger circuit, say apartment electrical
wires that could be picked up remotely as frequencies that
are outside ordinary spec, at another onsite location such
that a device simply is plugged into the same site to reveal
or tap into the data. i imagine this is completely TRIVIAL
to accomplish, especially due to no regulatory/enforcement
or consumer protections in a security or commercial context
as it aids surveillance goals, especially in political framework
of secret policing, informers, etc. spying by the populations.

such that anything with a cord potentially could feed such
data, if designed this way. speakers or router or monitor or
printer or clock or lights or blender or microwave, etc. and
that it could seem innocuous, yet have this capacity or this
'surveillance potential' (as in, potential energy vs. applied),
such that grassroots on-site monitoring could be aided and
abetted likewise by such technological compromise, this
in terms of intent and design or perhaps not revealed or
deployed though part of a COT readymade solution that
just requires smd circuitry add-ons to activate functionality

this could be a stupid-model, versus smart expert systems
or total monitoring solutions, the dust mote approach that
leads towards a *density* of surveillance means/measures

what is the square-footage of surveillance in your domain,
etc. how many bugs per cubic meter, what if it was not
one or two and instead, potentially dozens, this beyond
the computer itself, in the realm of what it is possible and
thus a question of where ubiquity may exist when fully
surveilled, to what degree is maximal different in kind
from minimal, such that the garage door opener and
the car and dishwasher and HDTV and phone and the
LED lights and remote-control car are monitoring you,
in addition to computers, cellphone, conversations.

(such as: is your router and neighbors wi-fi being used
as an attack vector, are you being imaged via through-
wall radar via wi-fi, for tracking and monitoring. or being
made ill via out of spec radiation boosting via wi-fi, etc)
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