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[cryptography] To Protect and Infect Slides

// someone has to be repetitious to provide proof-of-concept

it is my belief that 'context is everything' applies to the review
of these same issues and ideas, especially: location^3

consider issues of mass surveillance and mass deployment
of technical means and measures, for saturation potential so
that getting to the target is a non-issue, zero cost essentially
once installed (the role of infrastructure, resolving such issues
by providing a managed platform that readily automate tasks)

consider 'integrated surveillance' tools and capabilities in a
blackbag context. really think a fleet of a 100 tempest vans
exist in every city, or do the economics work against this as
a scalable approach and require instead cellular towers or
wi-fi antennas as a base for such activities to occur. and if
this were possible, would it not be integrated to N-degrees
of capability? consider electronic door locks in a context of
black bag jobs. what if a remote software command could
more easily unlock a car via cellular tower than a person,
and invisibly, (this prior to them driving you off the road in
autonomous or driverless vehicles, exciting future awaits)

so is psychological warfare and other information operations
by default assumed to involve teams on the ground or is it
potentially seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure
and streamlined as another protocol layer that can or will be
deployed as or if needed, in terms of threat escalation and
what is legitimated in the given corrupt/illegal approach. if
assuming it involves people going from point A to B there
is little likelihood of these activities being deployed at the
scale of mass surveillance, and yet if infrastructure itself,
there is high likelihood or it is probable that they could be
made economical and exist as a potential to be used as
weapons against populations though may only target a
few individuals in the existing context, potentially, thus
0.00001% for more extreme and oppressive measures
may be accurate, in that what is hacked becomes the
person themselves, say via forced disease triggering or
whatnot, as part of this context of hostile surveillance
that in active and passive ways could still be deadly,
just slow drip, over time, versus out-in-the-open where
such attacks could be documented, proven to exist

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