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Jacob Appelbaum in Germany

Hi Jim,

still love your sense of humour.

All the best

PS Some of your old stuff is at cpunks.wordpress.com and at JYA cryptome.org as well.

31.12.2013 10:46 Jim Bell <[email protected]>:

> I currently do not have a PGP key.  This lack is not entirely due to laziness or ignorance.  I also don't know anybody locally who has a PGP key, so I can't enter into the 'web of trust'.  And having been so long disassociated with the CP list (and computers, too:  Having been stuck in prison or denied access to computers for most of 15 years), I don't even recall how to do it.  
> I have another reason to not 'do' PGP:  Particularly due to the (unexpected) arrival of this 'Sanjuro' person, I am well aware that there are probably more than a few Feds who are on ultra-high alert, and from their point of view they may think of me as being "Suspect #1".  If I go back and start using PGP again (even if only for signing things) I wonder what they will think.  At the moment I have little need for secrecy, so I choose to not do PGP.
> (Also, I am virtually assuming that everything on my computer can be, and probably is, being read by a few dozen spy organizations of technically-competent nations.  I use ordinary anti-virus programs, but I'm under no illusion that the NSA/CIA/GCHQ/TLA's of other nations can't devise a targeted bug that such software cannot find.)     If any of you are interested in helping me confirm or deny this paranoid suspicion, I would very much appreciate your assistance.)
>         Jim Bell
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