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Fw: Jacob Appelbaum in Germany

Having had "*coin tipjar" explained to me, I have set up a BTC receive address.    "jim btc tipjar"      1AzNPQ1NhiD9uG1hU5g5Kdaccb88Dus2Bo

    Please note:  This address is the BTC tipjar for "Jim Bell", "James Dalton Bell", living at 7214 Corregidor, Vancouver WA 98664.  (phone and cell on request; As far as I know I'm listed.  I've never had an unlisted/unpublished phone number.).   Ham Call N7IJS (apparently I am the LAST "Tech-Plus" in existence; the FCC has refused to re-up my 2010 license application, but the laws say I can still do ham.)

    Note Also:  Having been on (and off) the Cypherpunks list since 1995 (mostly off, of course), I understand that a reasonable sense of caution will make many of you think, "Is this REALLY the 'Jim Bell' who wrote the AP essay, etc?"   For those who doubt, I have Skype set up to do a voice videophone.  There is a picture of me, in a green sweater, taken by Declan McCullagh about June 2000 on the web; I haven't changed a lot.  (I even have my green sweater, too!).  

Disclaimer:    I am not associated with 'Sanjuro's "Assassination Market" in any way.  I don't know who 'Sanjuro' is.  

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Sorry to appear so ignorant, but what is a "*coin tipjar"?
        Jim Bell

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hey Jim, (and Jake)

neither one of you appear to have a *coin tipjar yet...

why holding out? :)

best regards,
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