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[tor-talk] Request for "Tor, king of anonymity" graphic

> Seriously?
> freedom of whatever.

Tor is, in part, about freedom. And freedom is seriously
serious business, not some 'whatever'. Seriously.

> what I'd rather see is John Stewart/The Onion/cracked.com
> intelligent satire.

So create some, and post it, anonymously or not. You have that
freedom. Whether a thousand word illustrated essay or boiled
down to a single image, there's no real difference.


The 'intelligent satire' above could be offensive to some. Maybe
these boiled down intelligent satirists are offensive to people too...

But you know, let's just decry and ban it all.

> We can do better than bending over for the NSA and saying 'have at it'

You're right... as torizens, cypherpunks, and whatever else,
bending over for the NSA is definitely not in our interests ;-)
Kinda why people are working to get better at doing it right, baby.