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[tor-talk] Request for "Tor, king of anonymity" graphic

>>> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-talk/2013-November/031001.html

>> https://bayimg.com/BAfJGAafB

> Sorry, but no.
> Tor mailing lists are not places where spreading rape culture is ok,
> whatever the point you are trying to make.

Perhaps it is a leaked artistic caricature of a fun/educational play
session between consenting parties in something like edukink,
sfcitadel, soj, tes, fetlife and the like. Perhaps it is something else.
As with all art... interpretation, learning, and appreciation or lack
thereof is upon the viewer. No need to click links or start wars over
them if you don't like.


> Roger's original request was for a mashup he could use in his
> presentations to LEAs and to the NSA itself.
> Somehow I don't see him using this. :-)

Surely some NSA listening post is getting a really good
laugh after ingesting that link. Here's more that would
make equally good follow ons to their previously leaked
slides when mashed together in a future presentation...

/ Agreed.  It's offensive and frankly lazy.
/ http://i.imgur.com/PV2q1ZO.gif

Oh really? Here we thought 'fuck'ing was offensive.

_ I like the double entendre: FreeBSD > Linux :)
_ Accurate and funny. Nice work.

Someone should add a Fawkes mask in the shoetip for
added effect.

Now that everyone's well represented, no further comment.