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Have you considered managing your own servers, or buying some and having
them colocated?

On Sun, Dec 22, 2013 at 1:11 PM, John Young <[email protected]> wrote:

> At 12:39 PM 12/22/2013, you wrote:
>> i was accessing this site for months, based on
>> frontpage cryptome recommendation. is it spoofed?
>> https://secure.netsolhost.com/cryptome.org/index.html
> No, it's legit. We don't promote it to avoid entrapping
> believers in https. Go there are your peril same as the
> quicksand quagmire.
> Just to confess, we don't have control of our ISP servers,
> thus warn of what is happening behind impossible security
> promises from us to others. Warning seldom heeded so
> powerful is the PR for online protection fantasies.
> Few people have control of what their sites are used for.
> Thus the cosmetic policy privacies which conceal
> abuse bruises. Not as bad as 24x7x365 top security staff
> outfoxed by Snowdens, similars and betters not doing
> what Ed did, or is said to do, or misunderstood to do,
> or is doing now under the noses of the explainers,
> investigators, spoofers, black marketers, the usual
> stabbers, slashees, hackes, punks, investors and angels.
> This is not limited to Windows, applies to all software
> and hardware and networks and whatchagot there
> air-gapped, padlocked, SCIFed, totally secure, as
> the Snowden hoarders brag, believing wierdly that
> what Snowden did will never happen to them, or has
> already happened, or happened on 0-day.

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