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At 12:39 PM 12/22/2013, you wrote:
>i was accessing this site for months, based on
>frontpage cryptome recommendation. is it spoofed?

No, it's legit. We don't promote it to avoid entrapping
believers in https. Go there are your peril same as the
quicksand quagmire.

Just to confess, we don't have control of our ISP servers,
thus warn of what is happening behind impossible security
promises from us to others. Warning seldom heeded so
powerful is the PR for online protection fantasies.

Few people have control of what their sites are used for.
Thus the cosmetic policy privacies which conceal
abuse bruises. Not as bad as 24x7x365 top security staff
outfoxed by Snowdens, similars and betters not doing
what Ed did, or is said to do, or misunderstood to do,
or is doing now under the noses of the explainers,
investigators, spoofers, black marketers, the usual
stabbers, slashees, hackes, punks, investors and angels.

This is not limited to Windows, applies to all software
and hardware and networks and whatchagot there
air-gapped, padlocked, SCIFed, totally secure, as
the Snowden hoarders brag, believing wierdly that
what Snowden did will never happen to them, or has
already happened, or happened on 0-day.