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PVDF and sensing - (07)

heading down the final stretch...

my fascination with sensors as an electronics concept
began with small pamphlet electronics instruction books
from Forrest Mims [0] found at Radio Shack though they
are widely available online these days. [1]  if interested
in programming microcontrollers though have not been
introduced via non-computer breadboard electronics, it
may be of interest to look at and learn from circuits in
these notebooks, which provide basic concepts for how
the circuits work and the principles they involve. for a
technical person it could be instructive, for those like
myself with a mental gap in the fundamentals there
may still be questions that need to be answered
before able to access and intuitively understand
exactly what is going on, modifying it from there

so, engineering mindset, great resource. artistic
mindset, perhaps still a significant boundary before
understanding though i have trouble with reading and
ambiguous concepts so it could be only my limitation
that kept me from learning the basics of electronics
in terms of circuitry. another is: having the parts that
are needed, versus just looking at the diagrams and
understanding what is happening, or using these for
reference, to build other circuits via same approach
or extending or borrowing certain parts of designs.

quite interesting to locate a Mims book on sensors
and piezo kit together in regard to ongoing issues
with piezo sensors and energy harvesting. [2]

what captured my imagination was the particular
notebook on sensors, their conceptual nature as
this relates to issues of feedback and intelligence
that effectively maps onto switches and gauges
as measurements of activity, indicators of events;
likewise, the reversibility of sensors, how some if
not many can be inverted in their functioning, such
that a microphone can be a speaker and vice versa

PVDF piezo film as a sensor material exemplifies
the tremendous range that a given material and its
properties can connect with, in varying dynamics
and dimensions. (if not mistaken, it can even detect
airflow while potentially creating air flow likewise)

and so one of these unique properties of piezo film
is that it can detect temperature differences. this
got me wondering (reading of its application in the
tech manual), that given its incredible sensitivity,
would it be able to detect electromagnetic fields
due to the gradiated change in radiation levels
surrounding wires, in proximity to EMF signals

this combined with the idea of the PVDF sensor
as an ANTENNA then had me wondering if this
could function in a similar realm as the standard
linear Hall effect sensor [3] that senses magnetic
fields and functions as a strain gage (analog) or
on/off switch (binary/digital) in the presence of
electromagnetic fields. and thus EMF meters,
most presumably, utilized Hall effect sensors
that have multiple axes, 1-axis to 3-axis that
relate to the geometry of the EM field in space,
and thus rotating a probe for an EMF meter in
a given context which generate varying signal,
helping define the shape and direction of the
signal, as it is positioned in space [4] [5]

so my thinking was as follows... there are these
small piezo sensor 'film tabs' that can be hooked
up to a speaker, and if they could detect signals
from home wiring in the wall, as a microphone,
then essentially it approximates an EMF meter
without the display details, though could indicate
an intensity level by how loud or soft the noise
that is picked up. perhaps this is actually not
possible though it my questioning of its use.

and this could require holding or moving the
piezo film tab, the rectangle with an audio
cable connected to it, then connected with a
small preamp/mixer, amplifier or headphones,
and perhaps moving it along the wall -- which
seems unlikely due to sensitivity -- because it
would generate massive noise seemingly, or,
to potentially move it in the air, likewise that
could seemingly make lots of noise by its
movement, masking any other signals.

it seems to go nowhere as an approach,
yet my question remains that if this PVDF
material can and does function as an antenna
and it could pick up signals via vibrations, that
perhaps if it was held or moved against a wall
with electrical wiring inside, it could access
this intense vibrational activity in some way

it is obviously unclear as an approach, as
multiple aspects coincide, both in attempting
to access a signal and how this could occur...
and thus: the issue could be having the PVDF
film tab register 'temperature variation' as a way
to monitor the difference in heat between a less
electromagnetic realm and more electromagnetic
realm as the radiation is monitored by the sensor

and is this possible or not. and further, would the
fact that the device is a capacitor then influence
its charge via induction, such that the EMFs
would charge the PVDF film, again via vibration
or heat, though which could be used as electricity
in a circuit it connects to, via energy harvesting.

the concept is that the EMF meter as device
would generate power when detecting signals.

and so the existing rectangular film tabs [6] are
potentially one way of going about this, in terms
of 'mapping temperature' as mapping of EMFs,
and seemingly related to this is the issue of the
sensor being shielded or not, as this potentially
relates to issues of tuning. what frequency or
temperature range can influence the sensor

a hypothetical application the PVDF sensor
used for mapping out EMFs, is that a cellphone
could contain such a device and be held against
the wall or on a shelf in which there is electrical
wiring, and the induction that occurs from the
wires to the capacitor via vibration of EMFs
could in effect provide charging power to the
cellphone or other once-battery-reliant device,
if energy harvesting was paired with wiring in
the home and electrical power already in place,
it would be an issue of locating it, excavating
a hidden environment, so the EMF meter as
indicator of signal strength or of radiation levels
as temperature could provide a diagnostic of a
local area via mapping it out as EM environment,
and then situate devices in this specific location,
in proximity to wires to maximize energy harvest
via vibration that perpetually charges the capacitor

(note here: if the PVDF film were etched as was
previously mentioned with further patterning, this
could massively increase voltage potentially, via
increasingly its capacitance or storage capacity
for holding energy, seemingly of higher voltage)

though what really got my mind spinning was
the idea of another format for this piezo polymer
and that is 'piezo coaxial cable'. [7] [8]

in that, this idea of PVDF as an antenna then is
tending towards a shape or form that has been
used for antennas, that is: a length of wire that
picks up signals as wavelengths geometrically
align with, map onto, influence its properties.

(that is, if not mistaken in how things work)

and so my mind starts thinking of making a
loop out of this cable, as if a transponder that
is used to track some emitting signal, or as a
certain type of TV console antenna even, if not
rabbit ears in retrospect. and what is the actual
difference in these different materials functioning,
plain metal and piezo polymer, in terms of antenna

the obvious is that the latter generates power if it
begins to vibrate. and holds onto it as a capacitor,
so it builds up and stores the external influence.

though more, consider the issue of high-voltage,
that a long length of wire could potentially hold a
lot of charge. and this in a context of sensing...

there is the classic example of 'wireless power'
in a person holding fluorescent tube lights under
the powerlines of a high-voltage pylon corridor
that in turn illuminates the lights via EMFs by
way of the surrounding intense levels of radiation
that bathe the area in proximity to such towers

so there is massive energy in the air, ionizing it,
around high voltage electric transmission towers,
enough to light a fluorescent (AC) lightbulb that
otherwise requires a ballast/transformer to do so
(again, if not mistaken), in that charge/electrons
are rapidly moving back and forth through a gas
held inside the unlit tube that then generates light
by triggering a reaction that releases or produces
photons via the current shooting through the gas

(sidenote: LEDs interesting in similar way, light
or photons produced by jumping gap in a circuit)


now imagine you have a loop of piezo coaxial cable
that can function as an antenna. potentially and-or
seemingly, it would be able to 'read' the temperature
difference via the radiation in the area underneath or
nearby similar high-voltage towers. though this may
co-exist as a variable with frequency/vibration thus
heat may just be another way of saying the same
thing, though in a more tangible or perceivable way,
in that its influence may be more apparent.

here is why it is not advisable for a do-it-yourselfer-
because any length of this piezo cable is a capacitor
that can store energy, and the larger the cable the
more voltage that could be stored, it would appear,
and thus if such an antenna were use and capable
of storing large amounts of high voltage charge, it
then could be deadly dangerous to be holding onto
this cable because it would be inducing current from
the powerlines and potentially into the body, in terms
of its grounding (say, straight through an arm to heart
then out one foot or both) potentially like getting hit
by lightning. any precautions that would be taken
by electrical workers that work on high voltage lines
would be relevant as security precautions for any
such experimentation. and yet, if a circuit were
made around such an antenna -- potentially via
paired or matching VIBRATION alone, this same
piezo cable device could potentially provide much
more power and current via its energy harvesting.

(or so it is speculated here)

in a more removed situation, or a smaller antenna,
it could potentially be used to map EMFs via piezo
wire in the way Hall effect sensors are used today,
though again with the benefit of energy harvesting
and providing power to circuitry. thus piezo cable,
as antenna, could have its own unique attributes
and properties that could better align in certain
situations or circumstances to provide power or
function as an antenna, whereby the 'microphone'
or listening is occurring in a vibrational realm that
is not connected to material vibration beyond its
own support structure, instead, as antenna it is
tuning into strong fields (as heat, here proposed)
that would potentially be capable of providing this
source of vibrational needed to power circuitry,
yet further, also a signal of meaning about the
nature of the environment in its electromagnetic
composition and ordering, mapping or direction
based on these attributes, features of landscape
that is relevant in terms of health and energy

so then i was done with thinking about it and
then encountered a photograph that inspired
another layer of thinking within this domain...

it was of a woman's hat [9] created by a fashion
designer that spoke to these issues in terms of
its language and aesthetics, providing insight into
the nature of the questions involved.

what if, for instance, the piezo film tab sensors
were able to monitor the heat or radiation as this
correlates to vibrational frequencies of cellphones
as they are held against the skull, and evaluate
the radiation involved at the blood-brain barrier as
this influences tumor development in humans via
sending this transmission of cellphone signals
from the phone to the cellular towers? in other
words, what if this little sensor could be placed
on a hat, alongside the surface of the skin, and
register and monitor the radiation levels from
omnidirectional antennas shooting EMFs and
coded patterns into the human brain, as part of
this relation between people, tools, technology
and infrastructure - "daily ~communionication"

again, the wonders of the piezo film indicate that
they do respond to monitoring of skin, and thus
likely a viable approach to modeling this relation,
and testing against "official evidence" about how
these antennas and vibrations are influencing the
human physiology. real-time cellphone monitoring

(another approach could involve a PVDF sensor at
the only opening of an otherwise EMF-opaque box
or container that has a cellphone in it, attempting to
transmit or radiate its signal, and measuring activity
via vibration or heat from this at various distances)

additional hats provided further insight into aspects
of multiple tunings [10] via adjusting cantilevers or
tuning forks, to what frequencies are related to and
through, as part of consciousness as information,
this in a non-electromagnetic framework seemingly.
and also of the nature of the mind being targeted by
hostile signaling [11] in these toxic domains of the
technical wilderness, functioning against humanity.
in that disease and illness correlate with these same
issues as they remain ignored and unaddressed, and
allowing continuing abuse of power based on hidden
leverage that results from no checks and balances
upon unrestrained technological development for
private goals and agendas, against public interest

the kicker is that such technology could already be
deployed in a hidden framework or context, just as
it is hard to imagine ubiquitous mass surveillance via
technological infrastructure without this corresponding
in some significant way to a paid informant network on
the ground, in close proximity, allowing full spectrum
monitoring that tends towards gossip as power that
is exploited in the political bias within infrastructure,
emperor no clothes policy laid bare via own tattle tales

thus, what if likewise, the potential for such sensing as
harvesting of free energy already exists yet remains in
a realm of secrecy, leveraged against populations on
the outside of this inner society. what if different truths
exist that remain unaccounted for, different economics
that then become the basis for exploitation via illusion,
via not sharing the discoveries and using this for power,
to take over domains via ruse, deception, ill-intent, etc

in other words: the conspiracy revealed, now out in the open...

take for instance the unusual aesthetics of a local substation
for electric power 'delivery', like a router, bus, or hub that then
transforms the voltage en route to its destination. under the
ordinary or standard model of power distribution, this could
be assumed to function in one way and one way only...

powerplant ==> transmission towers ==> substation ==> distribution poles

that is, the power is generated at a power station, moved
through high-voltage cables suspended from towers to a
substation, where this power is stepped down and then
further distributed via wooden poles to various dwellings

though 'the antennas' could be for lightning protection, it
seems highly unusual to have a large array of them or at
least this design approach has not yet been encountered
before this, and calls into question what is new about it.

i had previously speculated it was a free energy substation
tapping into atmospheric electricity via the antennas, though
until the PVDF sensors did not understand how this might be
possible. in fact, thinking about it right now, combining piezo
antennas with HAARP atmospheric injections of frequency is
potentially the model for remote power delivery at national or
international scale, ala Nikola Telsa's Wardenclyffe Tower [13]

in this scenario, the substation would be the 'generator' in that
it could tune into a given vibration (perhaps Schumann resonance)
and create high voltage electricity on-site, via remote transfer of
energy -as information- seemingly, outside an electromagnetic
context yet tied back into it via properties of nature, its order.
in this way, power delivery could begin at the substation locally,
then distribute back outwards to both high-voltage lines and the
reduced-voltage distribution poles, from the substation itself, a
decentralized power generation and delivery system, in effect,
locally, though harmonized at a larger scale via atmospheric
electricity as the generator or transmitter of 'motive power',
if not conceptualizing this in error. that would be the illusion,
that the powerplant is sending the power and not substation

 substation ==> transmission/distribution ==> local power

thus like a crystal oscillator functioning in reverse as piezo sensor,
if 'free energy' were being harvested at the substation-level, then a
different organization of these relations exists than what is said to
exist and used as a basis for top-down power structures in society.
a decentralized, distributed, non-toxic energy that is limitless versus
an infrastructure based on oil and gasoline and goal and nuclear energy
that is destructive, basically raping the earth and likewise its inhabitants
to fuel a given insane development strategy functioning against humanity
as this aligns with 'green politics' and 'environmentalism', its politics and
moral agenda within what is a warped accounting for various such factors.

in other words, perhaps battery power is only an issue for those on
the outside of this. if it indeed were to exist as a parallel infrastructure
in the everyday environment. and maybe that is being used as leverage,
a secret hidden development with different economics, social dynamics,
and political goals that are not 'represented' in existing language, instead
functioning outside or beyond its limiting frameworks and outdated views
and beliefs, which provide cover and camouflage for sustaining trickery,
exploiting it, and securing its place in relation to the rogue world state,
thoroughly invested in its mission to serve its hidden special interests,
having divested humanity long ago for private rewards in doing so.

wouldn't it be nice to see a circuit diagram of how those antennas
are hooked up at the substation. really interesting if it involved more
than 'ground' and instead was part of a piezo-based energy harvesting
engine capable of generating constant high-voltage power, for instance.
and who would the power to such oversight to occur within society?
seemingly nobody. that is the entirety of the situation right there-

*game over*

(...as if anything was ever was that simple)

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gravitation, paraffin, Lamarckism