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RSA complicity or not in the EC_DBRG backdoor (Re: Human scum: Jim Bidzous of RSA)

Its hard to prove unfortunately, unless more leaks come out.  Probably there
exists no documentation to prove or disprove it within RSA, as to whether
RSA knew about the backdoor at the time it signed the deal.  Maybe there
would be documents within NSA.

However what you could say is no one at RSA, or in general, reacted much
following Ferguson et al's pointing out the design issue of there being an
undetectable backdoor in the RNG.


ps I think its Bidzos.

On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 02:18:45AM -0800, gwen hastings wrote:
>And I am of course referring to code and events and truth that far
>predated the latest reuters article.. lots of white washing now however
>especially in that article...
>   fucking bidzous!
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