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Old response to (new?) thing

Well, that escalated quickly.

Here's an old response to (new?) thing.


Hopefully not rehashing too much..

This is sounding a bit like the Sept / August 2013 flareup of activity in
which many people were "Ahhhh! oooooh!! Something is so seriously wrong

So volunteer your time / money etc to fix it...
there's always a solution waiting for someone's action...

> On Mon, 2013-12-16 at 00:40 -0300, Juan Garofalo wrote:
>> > said another way, breaking Tor at protocol level is currently too
>> > expensive a solution
>>         And you know that, how, exactly?
> All of the most recently leaked documents pertaining to Tor (from 2007
> to 2011 IIRC) treat it as far too expensive. These documents are largely
> congratulatory for Tor, and most of the fears of the research community
> (correlation attacks in particular) are as yet unrealized.
> As coderman says, there are a wide variety of lucrative active attacks
> that the NSA is not shy about using. Given these attacks, there's no
> reason to try to become a global passive adversary or implement
> correlation attacks. You don't need a correlation attack if you've owned
> your target's computing platform with a 0day or several.
> To respond to another comment of yours:
>>         Also, given the fact that the american nazi government has
>> influenced and
>> bribed virtually everybody in the 'security' 'community', isn't it an
>> obvious educated guess that Tor, which is directly funded by the
>> american
>> nazi governemnt is, let's say, not so trustable?
> Virtually all academic computer science in the United States is
> government-funded; Tor isn't substantially different.
> Further, the Tor developers include people whom the US Government is
> openly hostile towards (Jacob Applebaum), and are generally very
> principled people.
> What is your source for the "fact that the american government has
> influenced and bribed virtually everybody in the security community"?
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