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MIT's Peter Shor explains why he devised an algorithm for a quantum
computer that could unravel our online data encryption

// not worth saying this may be relevant to landspeeder development...

'Electromagnon' effect couples electricity and magnetism in materials

"It has been well known for a long time that electricity and magnetism
are two sides of the same coin. Waves in free space, such as visible
light or mobile phone radiation, always consist of both an electric
and a magnetic component. When it comes to material properties,
however, electricity and magnetism have been viewed as separate

To Settle Infinity Dispute, a New Law of Logic // not _really

note: enormous problems with this. mathematics as if short-fiction.
what if concept/cosmology is being influenced by language framework
(q: is truth bounded or infinite).  hierarchical nesting core of set theory,
numberline in this context, why assumed 1d/2d versus N-dimensional.
issues of bounded infinity everywhere (particle ladder, consciousness),
perhaps zero is issue (empty set?) -- metaphysics seem completely off,
being and nothingess as set relations not grounded in reality it seems.
(note: why three zeroes allowed to diagram infinity as a first question,
what if number line is hiearchical, zero different dimension than 1...N)

Your Next Phone Will Be The Ultimate Surveillance Machine // via digg

The internet mystery that has the world baffled // via digg

// consider consolidating many credit cards into one card with bluetooth,
// how if that signal is hacked, access to eight cards combined the bounty...

Soon, You Might Pay for Everything With a Coin // via digg

[correlation between money and desire. what happens when truth is
separated from exchange, kept outside or removed from it. what is the
guarantee: in <blank> we trust?]

Watch The Idea, the First Animated Film to Deal with Big,
Philosophical Ideas (1932)

Australia's Using Pop Radio to Track Space Junk

[quote]  4 Great Tech Ideas That Flopped // via digg

"The plug-and-play gadget: A spinoff of the PalmPilot called The
Handspring Visor held much of the same attraction as the PhoneBloks.
It was a handheld organizer with a big cartridge slot on the back.
Into it you could snap a range of accessories: more storage, a
GPS receiver, a camera, a cellular transmitter, a remote control,
a Bluetooth module, an MP3 module or a voice recorder.

The Visors were on the market for about four years (1999 to 2003) and
have fans to this day. But clearly, the concept of interchangeable
gadget parts alone isnâ??t enough to start a revolution."

(note: the above article mentions something repeatedly endlessly about
PDA development, that it no longer exists, especially in the context
of the Handspring which preceded and was probably a trial for the
modularity of the iPhone and iPod Touch (a PDA or networked digital
assistant). the Handspring was certainly limited unlike the Apple
ecosystem approach which could expand exponentially and had wide
software integration, and thus the concept lives on in another product
line and its development yet is consistently not attributed this way.)

in-article url: Why Snap-Together Cell Phones Will Never Work

rel. [video] PhoneBLocks

tuning of active exhaust systems (kaaaars)

[video] Siberian Ice Drummers

Hüsker Dü - Hare Krsna

Hüsker Dü - Eight Miles High

Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising

--- ring as platform ---

emfs-cellphone/linear hall-effect sensor, gyro-mapping bt as datalogger
pole-mounted sensor+computer spatio-temp (freq) excavation/stratigraphy
2 axis or 3 axis, nfc/bt, archeo-GRID

SENSOR RINGS - ZigBee comms/authentication - potential

follow on box/device, monitor signal spacetime within map framework
TSCM monitoring of area (radiation, signals, frequencies, etc)
integrated in visual real-time data model

LED carpet turns the floor into a screen (with video)

(note: consider possibility of tempoary maze or labyrinth,
especially crypto or security applications, otherwise invisible)

[image]  ex. electromagnetic aesthetics as context

How Braille Was Invented
(invention, innovation, resistance, tragedy, victory)

Dead Kennedys - California Ã?ber Alles

Kitsch Palace : Das Model

This New Polymer Regenerates Large Parts of Itself, Like Lizards Do

Researchers discover roots of superfluorescent bursts from quantum wells

[quote] ...mysteries remained, especially in results obtained at low
or zero magnetic fields. Kono said the team didn't understand at the
time why the wavelength of the burst changed over its 100-picosecond
span. Now they do.  //...

Kono said superfluorescence is a well-known many-body, or cooperative,
phenomenon in atomic physics. Many-body theory gives physicists a way
to understand how large numbers of interacting particles like
molecules, atoms and electrons behave collectively. Superfluorescence
is one example of how atoms under tight controls collaborate when
triggered by an external source of energy. //...

"The quantum well, as before, consisted of stacked blocks of an indium
gallium arsenide compound separated by barriers of gallium arsenide.
"It's a unique, solid-state environment where many-body effects
completely dominate the dynamics of the system," Kono said.

"When a strong magnetic field is applied, electrons and holes are
fully quantized â?? that is, constrained in their range of motionâ??just
like electrons in atoms," he said. "So the essential physics in the
presence of a high magnetic field is quite similar to that in atomic
gases. But as we decrease and eventually eliminate the magnetic field,
we're entering a regime atomic physics cannot access, where continua
of electronic states, or bands, exist." [unquote]

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