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[Full-disclosure] Secure whistleblowing feedback / reporting systems in the content of compartmented information, endpoint security [was: [NSA bitching] [formerly Re: PRISM][]]

 | > Even if the right to privacy was recognized, it would only apply to
 | > government. Corporate would be free to spy on us and then sell it to
 | > the government.
 | this, in the traditional sense, is what John calls a "COMSEC cover-up":
 |  http://cryptome.org/2013/10/nsa-hysteria-coverup.htm
 | meaning that the continual, most significant, and most likely to be
 | abused and widely are commercial services and collaborations and
 | products,...

Exactly correct.  90+% of US critical infrastructure is in private
hands.  With each passing day Internet-dependent services become
more essential to what I will for the moment call "normal life."
The USG's response to the growing pervasiveness of Internet services
held in private hands is deputize the owners of those services
against their will.  The entire imbroglio around ISPs, the NSA, and
so forth and so on comes down to that -- if the government does not
itself own the critical infrastructure, those that do own it can
and will be compelled to become government agents.  In the 21st
century, we have a physical army of volunteers but a digital army
of conscripts.


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