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Wikipedia says :

*David Lee* was born in 1953 </wiki/1953>. He is an outspoken, English,
contemporary, art critic -condemning conceptual art
</wiki/Conceptual_art> in general and The Turner Prize
</w/index.php?title=The_Turner_Prize&action=edit> in particular. He was
editor of Art Review magazine, but left to found his own satirical, even
vitriolic, magazine /The Jackdaw/ to continue his campaign at what he
sees as unacceptable standards in the art world. He has been erroneously
linked with the Stuckists </wiki/Stuckists> art movement.
On the Stuckists site you can read his piece on the Turner (published in
a leading UK right-wing weekly) and their comments on it:

"...the Turner Prize, and the entire world of contemporary art, is
dominated and manipulated by... 17 people."

So writes David Lee, editor of Art Review [David has since left and is
now editor of The Jackdaw], in The Spectator (30 October 1999). Among
his list are gallery owners Anthony D'Offay, Nicholas Logsdail (Lisson)
and Jay Jopling (White Cube); Tate employees Sir Nicholas Serota
(London), Lewis Biggs (Liverpool Tate) and Lars Nittve (Bankside Tate);
Arts Council members, Antony Gormley (artist), Anish Kapoor (artist) and
Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton (Head of Visual Arts); and Michael
Craig-Martin, Professor, Goldsmith's College. Charles Saatchi comes into
it all as well, of course.

His thesis, which is not entirely unconvincing, is that these
individuals are in permutations of rotating roles in giving public
grants/ selecting (publicly-funded) exhibitions/ judging prizes/being
awarded prizes and grants/representing and selling work commercially by
those who have been given (publicly funded) exhibitions/grants/
prizes/awards etc.

more at, but this is rather off-topic!


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Judy Seigel wrote:

> On Tue, 25 Oct 2005, Peter Marshall wrote:
>> David Lee uses the term to refer to art (and in this particular
>> piece, specifically photography, which he regards as its latest
>> victim) that "has become institutionalised by the short-sighted
>> meddling and control-freakery of galleries, curators and art colleges
>> which ... promote joyless pretentiousness to the exclusion of deeply
>> rooted belief."
> I certainly agree --- tho it's not so much "control freakery" as
> marketing strategy, IMO. "Art" & "Photography" are commodities. Book
> publishing, too.
> PS: Who is David Lee?
> J.
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