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From: Nick Zentena ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/21/05-02:18:22 PM Z
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On Friday 21 October 2005 15:40, Kate M wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can find out information about printing from
> cross-processed slide film? I have shot on Fuji Sensia film, and have
> really really green negs. I've been trying to print from them with
> absolutely no success whatsoever and I'm sooooooooooooo sick of it - have
> used about 1/2 pack of colour paper! Even sandwiching with blank colour
> film isn't really helping. I seem to get red-biassed prints with no density
> in the shadows. I want to make my own prints so I can scan them and make
> diginegs for gum, so I guess this is alt-related enough??? Someone out
> there must know something - I have looked on the web and nobody talks about
> printing, only exposing and processing. Books are less than helpful and
> everyone I know who has cross-processed this film has given up trying to
> print it....but the LAB did o.k. with it!
> Meanwhile, I've also made 7 (yes, 7) large silver emulsion prints so at
> least I've had SOME fun.....

        I always get too normal looking prints from cross processed film. Either that
or I screw up the exposure and they're thicker then a brick. What are you
looking for? I'm guessing less red? Add both magenta and yellow. Assuming
you aren't using any cyan. Some people suggest breaking the rules and using
cyan when printing cross processed film but that would only lead to more red
for you. If you are using cyan remove that. Is there anything in the shadows?
If there is you shouldn't be worrying about colour correction until you get
the exposure right.

        Having said all that I just let the idiot box [ask colour analyzer] guide me.
It gets confused some times to but it doesn't curse at me so I'm okay.

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