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MessageWhat's the make and model of the fan. How explosion proof is it?

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  There was a post awhile ago about fume hoods and I didn't have a chance to respond to it at the time.

  I have recently gone into wet plate collodion and built a fume hood after researching everything I could find online. The exhaust is a 6" two-speed duct fan with a high speed of 350 CFM. The chamber is about 36W x 24D x 26H I did a smoke test and changed from the original 4" 80CFM fan to the larger. With this fan, there was no escaping smoke if the source was at least 1" back from the opening.

  I have been using ether compounds in this fume hood and there is absolutely NO ether smell in the house. With an L.E.L. of 0.9%, I didn't want ether floating around uncontrolled!

  The Wet Plate section of the darkroom is shown about half way down the page:

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