Re: Magnani Pescia et al.. for gumprinting

From: Kerik ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/25/05-11:51:35 AM Z
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I've been using Rives BFK (280 gsm version) very successfully for
multiple-gum-over platinum printing since 2001. I size it using 3% gelatin
hardened with formaldehyde or glyoxal. It does tend to be more prone to
speckling than smoother papers like Artistico Extra White, but overall it
has been a reliable paper that prints well in both processes. I find that
it also needs to be pre-shrunk to maintain good registration, where AEW
does not.


> David,
> It's also worth remarking that Rives BFK comes in at least two versions.
> There's a regular BFK, and a BFK Heavyweight, which is not only slightly
> heavier in weight (280 gm/m^2 vs 250 gm/m^2) but also more heavily
> sized. I once had a theory that maybe it was that people who didn't like
> BFK as well, like me, were using the regular BFK and people who liked it
> better, perhaps, were using the heavyweight BFK, but Chris blew that
> theory out of the water by saying it was the regular BFK that worked
> well for her.
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