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> Rajul,
> Yes. The metabisulfite fumes are quite acrid and
> irritating. Thanks
> for the reminder.
> Are the bisulfites less so?
> However, I suspect a small amount on a cleaning sponge
> would not be much
> of an irritant compared to a trayful open and fuming in a
> darkroom sink.
> And thanks to Richard posting the Kodak hand cleaner
> formula,
> experimenting with the metabisulfite seems unnecessary
> now.
> Thanks to both of you.
> Joe
   Commercial Sodium Bisulfite is mostly Metabisulfite
according to Kodak. I suspect the acrid fumes are Sulfur
dioxide, the same thing that can come from hypo. I find it
can set off my asthma if I get very much of it. However,
Sodium Bisulfite (or Metabisulfite) is found in a lot of
photo formulas, for instance some hypo baths and in Kodak
Hypo Clearing Agent.

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