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I was under the understanding (under the under?) that cyanide of
back in "the day" was the old label given to potassium ferricyanide...


Reading Towler it is pretty clear he is referring to potassium cyanide:

"This substance is almost as poisonous as hydrocyanic acid, but being a
fixed salt it is easily detectable in the stomach; whereas hydrocyanic
acid, by reason of its volatility seldom leaves any trace behind by
which the cause of death can be recognized."

He does refer to that volatile hydrogen cyanide (gas) as "hydrocyanic
acid" or "Prussic Acid" and gives a recipe for its formulation from
"yellow prussiate of potash (ferrocyanide of potassium)."

IIRC the old term for potassium ferricyanide was "Prussian Red."

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