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Date: 10/22/05-01:43:43 AM Z
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Gordon J. Holtslander wrote:

> there is nothing written on gum printing.

Hi Gord,
I think you mentioned this once before, and I got the giggles thinking
about all the gum printers correcting each others' text til the end of
time. The thing about gum printing is that there is so little that's
well enough established in a generalizable sense to be of use in an
encyclopedia, that in a way I'm rather glad to hear that no one has
attempted it. The less misinformation that's out in the world about gum
printing, the better, as far as I'm concerned.

My only experience with Wikipedia was during a discussion with my
brother in law; to bolster his argument he sent me an entry from
Wikipedia. It was a subject on which I have some expertise, and it was
obvious from the first sentence that the person writing the entry in
Wikipedia knew very little about what he was writing about and was just
repeating misinformation he'd picked up somewhere.. So my first
impression of the quality of the information offered in Wikipedia was
not overly favorable, and I've never been tempted to go back and look at
any more of it.
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