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I really like wikipedia. There is a great of very good information here.


What is Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written collaboratively by many of its
readers. Lots of people are constantly improving Wikipedia, making
thousands of changes an hour, all of which are recorded on the page
history and the Recent Changes page. Nonsense and vandalism are usually
removed quickly, and their creators banned.

Anyone can create or edit a wiki page. There is an edit "button" on
every page. Clicking this button allows one to edit a page.

 Wiki's use a very simple "markup" system described here:

To create a new page see:

Please have a look at the Photographic Processes section:

and look here:

there is nothing written on gum printing.


On Fri, 21 Oct 2005, Bob Maxey wrote:

> > If anyone feels like writing a bit, especially about correcting the articles
> > on the Collodion Process, could use the help.
> > Just don't do what I do and get lost in there. Sadly, easily done.
> > The Colloidon Process appears to be confused with the dry plate collodion
> > process... It ain't right.
> The problem with the Wikipedia is that it is sometimes incorrect. Although it is interesting, just remember it is written by people that might not know much. So use it as a source, but never a sole source.
> While you are correcting the Collodion articles, I should correct the Vectograph article.
> Bob
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