Re: two questions about watercolor paper

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Date: 10/21/05-10:23:41 AM Z
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     Thanks to Kerik, Katherine, and Loris for the information.
     I have decided to be careful with all newly purchased paper to watch
for front/back orientation though my current stash is mixed up.
     Also, I wonder if different paper is paper sold under the same name.
My Canson HP comes in an inexpensive pad of 50 sheets 9 x 12 inches (22.9 x
30.5 cm) obviously prepared for the U.S. market It is called BIGGIE JR and
marked Canson Watercolor aquarelle/acuarela cold press 90 lb. I can't see
any difference between the front and back--there are regular ridges about a
mm apart on both sides. As for my Arches, I can't see any screen lines on
either side.
     Still, it obviously makes sense to keep track of orientation.
     So much to learn. Too bad I have to learn so much of it twice or three
Charles Portland OR
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