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I haven't made a single salt print before but will share my experience
with Vandykes (hoping maybe the info. can be useful with salt prints):

A liter of 2% sodium thiosulfate sensitizer is good for three 20x25cm
(8x10") Vandyke prints (double coated). After that, it looses strength
and the resulting prints show staining and patches of different color

I tried to iron an air dried Vandyke print once and somehow the hue
became very slightly cooler and also I think I saw a very very slight
density change too (denser). As I didn't had a densitomer at that time
(still don't have one) I couldn't measure if there was really a density
chage or it was an illusion due to the slight hue change. There wasn't a
reference print for comparison too.


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What is the capacity, do you think, of a liter of 5% sodium thiosulfate
(with 1% sodium carbonate) for 8x10 salt prints?

Is it an old wive's tale (alias young live in lover's tale) that blow
with heat after fixing and washing will add density to the print? I can

see, if this is a myth, how one might believe that because the salt
starts out very red at first, lightens and yellows in the fix, and
amazing dry down and tonal change to a dark brown when completely dry.
I can't see how, once fixed, the tones remaining will get added
exposure/density by a blow dry that wouldn't be there anyway with an air

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