Re: two questions about watercolor paper

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/20/05-06:53:44 AM Z
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ryberg wrote:
> I know that some watercolor papers are made with different surfaces on
> each side. I can tell by feel that Arches Palatine is smoother on the front
> than the back. But most of the papers I hold seem to be the same on both
> sides--Arches HP watercolor

Not to be argumentative, I hope, but actually my experience with Arches
HP watercolor paper is that it is different on the two sides. The front
side (the side from which the watermark reads correctly) is smoother but
also has a fine regular wire screen pattern on its surface. The back
side has a coarser more open texture, not as coarse as cold press but
coarser than hot press, but the texture is more organic-random; there's
not a regular screen pattern. In the days when I printed exclusively on
Arches HP, I printed on the back side of the paper because I didn't like
the screen pattern on the front.

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