two questions about watercolor paper

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Date: 10/20/05-12:24:39 PM Z
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     I know that some watercolor papers are made with different surfaces on
each side. I can tell by feel that Arches Palatine is smoother on the front
than the back. But most of the papers I hold seem to be the same on both
sides--Arches HP watercolor and Canson CP are the two I use most often. Are
the sides really the same or should I start paying attention to which side I
     Also, When I cut a sheet (usually 22 x 30) with two deckle edges into
four pieces 11 x 14, should I print with the deckle edge always oriented the
same way? I realize that I have landscape prints with the edge on the top
and others with the edge on the bottom. Likewise, on portrait orientation,
sometimes it is right, sometimes left--I just have not taken care to be
     Thanks, Charles Portland OR
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