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Date: 10/18/05-09:54:44 AM Z
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Subject: wide-angle lens for 4x5

> Hi, I am supposed to do some architectural photography in the coming
> month, and I am thinking about borrowing or buying a wider format lens
> than the one I'm accustomed to shooting with. Right now I have a 150mm
> lens. What would be a good length to look for? I will be shooting in a
> prison near Houston called The Walls.
> Also, I think I might have to learn to do the perspective correction
> thing. Any suggestions about web sites or books to look at?
> thanks,
> --shannon

I'd say a 90 mm would be nice, but I guess that you will need bag bellows
and or a offset lens board to make things work. You could go with the offset
lens board with standard bellows but you will have only modest to no usable
movements, depending on just how much offset the lens board has. Depending
on how much working room (camera to subject) you have, a 65 mm might be
needed, then the above is an absolute requirement to use a lens this short.
I guess this depends on if your doing interior or exterior work.

Later Larry
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