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Shannon: I know you have gotten two recommendations for the use of a 90mm
lens and a bag bellows (or sufficient compression on your regular bellows to
allow focusing a 90mm at infinity). For architectural interior work, I
really like a 75mm. It demands the use of a bag bellows and even with that,
movements are severely limited. On the othe hand, a lens of that focal
length allows you to do things you simply could not do any other way
(perspective controlled tight spaced room-window-cells-whatever). Jim

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> Hi, I am supposed to do some architectural photography in the coming
> month, and I am thinking about borrowing or buying a wider format lens
> than the one I'm accustomed to shooting with. Right now I have a 150mm
> lens. What would be a good length to look for? I will be shooting in a
> prison near Houston called The Walls.
> Also, I think I might have to learn to do the perspective correction
> thing. Any suggestions about web sites or books to look at?
> thanks,
> --shannon
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