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Date: 10/15/05-11:00:24 AM Z
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Subject: shaking up your stock solution

> It turned out that the problem was not old film. It
> turned out that I needed to shake the DDX stock solution
> better! This is not something I thought you needed to do,
> but I did some testing with old and new film, and I
> found that if I shook the DDX bottle before pouring off
> the 40 ml I need to dilute 1:8 for my tube processing, I
> got much better results. Surprise! Many people on the
> pure_silver list thought that the chemistry in DDX should
> stay in suspension just fine and that shaking was not
> necessary. The bottle has no instructions on it about
> shaking before using. But, from now on, I will shake!
> --shannon
   Shannon, DDX should not do this, I strongly suggest that
you contact Ilford and report this. The constituents of DDX
are in solution, not suspension, and should stay that way
without having to be stirred each time. Stuff like paint
which must be stirred frequently are suspensions or
emulsions, not solutions. Common photo chemicals are all
solutions so they should not separate with standing. Ilford
may want some or all of your remaining developer concentrate
to analyse and will replace it free.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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