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Date: 10/15/05-09:03:42 AM Z
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Anyone out there tried regular Kodak fixer (with its assorted chemical mix) for fixing salt prints? All the recipes I have found call for plain sodium thiosulfate (a.k.a. hypo) either 10% with 2% sodium bicarb (Wynn White, James) or 5% Na thiosulfate wtih a bit of Na carbonate (Webb and Reed).

Also, I have on hand Hustler Rapid Clear; directions say to used diluted 4 oz (120 ml) per gallon water. Should this be adequate to clear salt prints?

I have tried a couple of prints and they do not seem to have cleared adequately. Or maybe I used the Kodak fixer too dilute and not long enough (2:1 stock fixer: water; two baths for 2 minutes....minimal fading so maybe it is not strong enough or long enough on the fixing?) A masked border around the print that was paper white last night is light gray this morning in the dry prints! Sigh!

About how long will the silver nitrate sensitizer remain"usable" stored in an amber bottle in the dark (2 or 3 days, a week?) as there is no way I am likely to use up a full recipe in an initial printing attempt (I did make up a smaller batch and may do 1/4 recipe next time until I get it right!).


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