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> When a strong acid is needed in darkroom, a convenient alternative is
> sulfamic (amidosulfuric) acid, which is supplied in dry form and
> therefore presents less risk during transportation and
> storage. Technical grade sulfamic acid is readily available as a
> cleaning agent for boiler, grout, etc. where calcium carbonate or
> phosphate deposits need to be removed. Sulfamic acid is more expensive
> than other mineral acids but this acid is less corrosive to metals. As
> the low corrosion p[roperty suggests, sulfamic acid is good in
> providing low pH but it's no good when making aqua regia...
> Sulfamic acid should be dissolved when used, and storage of stock
> solution is not recommended because sulfamic acid in aq. solution
> slowly decomposes and changes acidity.

What about sodium hydrogen sulfate (sodium bisulfate)?

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