Re: Technical Grade Muriatic Acid

From: Greg Schmitz ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/11/05-03:56:55 AM Z
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Here's something to try. I have no idea if it really works:

Lard Candles

Add 1 ounce of nitric acid to eight pounds of barely melted lard. Mold
just like you would wax candles. Add some beeswax if you want them to look
like the usual candles.

--greg schmitz

On Sun, 9 Oct 2005, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Agreed, Richard.
> I have in my possession sulfuric, phosphoric, and nitric acid (aside from
> glacial acetic). I have been cleaning out my chems and my darkroom this
> weekend in order to set it up, and I am a bit leery of these three...I am
> thinking of disposing of them at the chemistry lab at the college, because in
> all that I do alt process, I have not needed them as I thought I might. They
> were called for in some old mordancage formulae, or dye mordanting,
> too...although I notice that they are used sometimes in pt/pd or something???
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