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Maybe one can coat unpigmented gum-dichromate mixture over cyanotype,
fog it and then clear the dichromate stain (if present) in sulfuric acid
(or sodium sulfite; but I don't know the PH of the latter, if it's
alkali then it will bleach the underlying cyanotype)... What do you
think? How many coats it will take to get adequate sheen which will open
the shadows a little bit and increase dmax?


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Try printing a cyanotype/gum combination. Multiple printings with gum
will create a luster or sheen, particularly in the shadow areas.

Look at my cyanotype/gum prints for examples:

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> #2: I would also like to get a luster on my final image. Has anyone
> tried waxing or using any other substance to bring a sheen to a
> cyanotype?
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