Re: Blue-Black Cyanotype & Luster

From: Dave Rose ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/04/05-07:18:01 AM Z
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Try printing a cyanotype/gum combination. Multiple printings with gum will
create a luster or sheen, particularly in the shadow areas.

Look at my cyanotype/gum prints for examples:

Best regards,
Dave Rose
Powell, Wyoming

> Trying this message once again. Can it be that this list can generate over
> 100 messages a day when flailing on a colleague, but nothing for toning
> cyanotypes :-)
> I'm trying to achieve a particular look with some cyanotypes I'm working
> and was wondering if anyone on the list can offer some assistance:
> #1: I would like my final prints to be a very dark blue-black, similar to
> platinum over cyanotope. I would rather not deal with the platinum step so
> was wondering if there were any other options. I found some recipes for a
> Black toner in both PF and James' Book of Alternative Photographic
> Processes, but can't find any examples to judge whether it is the look I'm
> after. Is it possible to achieve a deep blue-black with a black toner?
> #2: I would also like to get a luster on my final image. Has anyone tried
> waxing or using any other substance to bring a sheen to a cyanotype?
> For reference, I'm getting great results (deep blue, good D-Max) using the
> traditional formula at 2 parts A to 1 part B.
> Mark
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