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Date: 10/04/05-01:14:51 AM Z
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Hi Eric,

I was only kidding about the ES Envy.....

But I still am interested in what brings you to use the long exposure
scale...or are you saying that's not what you usually use? In either case, I'm just
curious as to why people pick certain contrast mixes. No hidden agenda with
the question. People develop workflows and choices of things like contrast
mixes, papers, etc for good reasons and usually whatever they pick works
pretty well for them. As you say, since you print for other people you have to be
sure of the outcome.

Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
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In a message dated 10/3/05 8:29:28 PM, writes:

> Mark it is not exposure scale envy, but image recovery. I print not only for
> myself but make prints for other people. Believe it or not,  not everyone
> uses the Zone system, pre visualization or any other method to predict an out
> come and yet they still want to make a platinum print from the shoot. In order
> to get everything, I sometimes find my self stretching backwards and
> forwards.  
> If I can do it, then when I need to do it it is not such a reach.
> I normally use a mix of 50/50 which produces a steeper curve than the one
> mentioned.  
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