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Hi Chris,

Congratulations! I have a WangerGumFoto too, but I'd like to have the
Cyanotype that was published in "Peek", the Kinsey Collection. It's a female
nude, so not a Wanger.


Best Wishes,
Mark Nelson
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> Yes,
> I was going to say the same thing, Maria--David just answered this question.
> I was wondering if you aren't getting all the emails from the list?
> I must add that my gum stuff I share is based on "a la Sam Wang", too.  He
> was my professor at Clemson for grad school.  In fact, I term my tricolor
> gum process the Wang process :)  Of course I never got him to go with
> glutaraldehyde because he doesn't size.  Maybe now that he is returning to
> some casein work, he might experience the benefits of it.
> The benefit of my MFA at Clemson is that I received a Wang gum print as a
> trade!!  I am the proud owner of his work that is in Barnier's book (p.
> 238).
> But that doesn't answer the specific:  1 drop 100% thymol per 5 oz. gum.
> Chris
> PS I got home to 150 emails on zone system--what a treat!  Thanks all for
> continuing the discussion so I can learn more.
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