Re: Using Gluteraldahyde; was: Glutaraldahyde activation?

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Date: 10/03/05-04:50:47 AM Z
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I think the information on the side panel may be out ot date. The
MSDS on their website says it is 2.-5% glut. I got some too, and I am
going to give it one more try.....

On Oct 3, 2005, at 12:51 AM, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Clay,
> Just got my shipment of Black Magic in this past week (not for use
> with gum, but with liquid emulsion for the class I am teaching, but
> if I have some left over I will test). I notice on the side panel
> it says if I read it correctly 15-20% glut, and it is to be diluted.
> Whether the sulfite has an effect on the sizing remains to be seen,
> but considering I have sulfur here in my water anyway, I can't
> imagine the miniscule amount in the sizing I am mixing is going to
> have a serious effect. But that is an uneducated guess.
> Chris
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>> Anybody using black magic hardener for the glut source? What
>> amounts per 1000ml of gelatin?
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