VDB toning with sulfide toner?

From: Stane Kocar ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/03/05-04:10:23 AM Z
Message-id: <012301c5c802$b1f10660$0400a8c0@xxx3973844ccd4>

I tried post toning VDB prints with viradon (old version -
polysulfide+selenium) 1+20. Bleaching of the image was serious (at least two
stops), tone changes from chocholate brown to yellow-brown - similar to as
with KRST - I find it not very attractive.
I wonder, why so much bleaching? Does anyone tried that and has any
I would like to make VDB prints more permanent (I know - gold or platinum
toner works).

Regards from Slovenia
Stane Kocar
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