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Please re read my post, print it out and sleep with it under your pillow.
For, in it I recounted theexperiences of my friend WYNN Hutchings. Not
Gordon. And, it was my Friend WYNN Hutchings who had been using the PMK
formula in his Jobo during the time I mentioned.

Since you constantly have 'truck' with what I post, please take it off list.

Your superiority to me has no match that I can console myself. And, since
you are always right, just post it to me personally.

S. Shapiro
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> Mr. Shapiro,
> You appear to have lost about ten years of your life. The PMK forumula of
> Gordon Hutchings was being used by many of us in the late 1980s, not the
> late 1990s. I used PMK as my primary developer for almost ten years and am
> as familiar with its characteristics as anyone.
> Yes, it can be made to work with rotary processing, but in that use it has
> several drawbacks which have been fully recorded in the literature.
> Sandy
>>My friend Wynn Hutchings has had great results with is Pt/Pd prints from
>>negatives developed in PMK using his Jobo. Great results that have sold
>>in galleries since the rebirth of the PMK formula became popular in the
>>late 1990's
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>>>I would recommend 500ml of solution, per 8X10 sheet of film.
>>>However, PMK is not the best staining developer for rotary processing, at
>>>least IMHO. You will get less general stain with either Rollo Pyro or
>>>Pyrocat-HD. PMK oxidizes very rapidly with rotary processing and the
>>>result will be increased B+F stain. This is especially troubling with the
>>>long development times required for alternative printing.
>>>>One nice thing about this list is a lot of wheels have already been
>>>>It would be appreciated if someone familiar with PMK could tell me how
>>>>much total volume of rolo PMK are required to develop a typical 8x10
>>>>film using a tube. The concern is to not deplete the developer so as to
>>>>get consistent results no mater the densities on the film. I currently
>>>>tray develop with 1030 ml PMK (10-20-1000) per each 8x10 and have not
>>>>checked the capacity.
>>>>Thank you in advance.
>>>>Jeffrey D. Mathias
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