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From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/02/05-01:57:05 PM Z
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I would put it this way. Rather than saying that different processes
*require* a DR independent of CI, I would suggest that for subjective
reasons some may chose to use a DR independent of CI. It is obvious
that the use of different DRs, when the CI remains the same, can
result in images of different look because of the way the film curve
interacts with the paper curve. This is obviously a very complex and
quite subjective issue that does not get a lot of attention. But it
is clearly an especially important concern with processes like
platinum and pallaidum, which have by nature very long toes and
shoulder compression.

By contrast, the issue is basically moot with a process such as
carbon that is almost perfectly straight line.


>I think part of the point here is that different printing processes
>may require different density ranges independent of the CI. When
>changing printing processes one should select and processes their
>film for a certain DR as well as a certain CI.
>Jeffrey D. Mathias
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