Re: Best CI for process

From: Jeffrey D. Mathias ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/02/05-01:15:45 PM Z
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Sandy King wrote:
> What I meant to have said was that although density range and CI (or
> Gamma, Average Gradient or whatever you want to call it) are related,
> the use of the former to talk about negative contrast can be very
> misleading because it often does not provide a good indicator of the
> effective printing density of a negative, while CI nearly always does.
> ...
> In other words, increasing time of development to obtain
> a higher DR range over that needed for maximum CI is just a waste of
> time which also results in longer printing times.

I think part of the point here is that different printing processes may
require different density ranges independent of the CI. When changing
printing processes one should select and processes their film for a
certain DR as well as a certain CI.

Jeffrey D. Mathias
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