Re: Chromoskedasic Painting (was: Color Images from B/W Paper)

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please send--i'd love to see them

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Grace,
> Can you paraphrase the formula given in View Camera? i have not seen
> that article. I have all the Jolly articles on the subject.
> I would bet a hundred bucks those "duotone solarizations" of Teske's
> were chromos--unless he first did a warmtone sabattier (adding potassium
> bromide to the second developing bath) and THEN double toned in strong
> selenium. Those rusts are so rust...and look like Jolly's examples in
> Darkroom Techniques.
> We've gotten deep rusty yellows, pinky mauves, and a lovely bandaid
> fleshy color I can send you offlist if you want to see it. But not the
> colors that appear in the Lam article. That doesn't mean anything
> because I have not had time to push the process.
> I do have a couple students doing it for their final project this
> semester so maybe they'll come up with more stuff. Jolly's "magenta" is
> not what I call magenta, but then again maybe no one was using the right
> paper.
> For instance, with the lumen prints the paper that was brilliant magenta
> was forte polywarmtone rc and forte polywarmtone fiber.
> Chris
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>> I tried this process several years ago. Because of the current
>> interest, I looked at a box of prints I had made and found copies of
>> three articles which should be available in the back issues of the
>> magazines. This may be a repeat of info already sent, but
>> anyway---"The Black and White Corner Chromoskedasic Painting by Alan
>> W. Bean" View Camera September/October 1992; "Chromoskedasic Duotone
>> Pseudosolarization Using Development Fogging" by William L. Jolly"
>> Darkroom & Creative Camera Techniques Nov/Dec 1992; "Chromoskedasic
>> Painting by Dominc Man-Kit Lam and Bryan w. Rossiter" Scienific
>> American November 1991.
>> Alan Bean's article gives specific instructions. At the end of the
>> article if says "For more information regarding this process, write to
>> him at 90 Dexter Street, Attleboro, MA 02703." If he is still at that
>> address, I think he'd be please to know that his article is still
>> being saved.
>> I only colors I was able to get were shades of rust and brown. Hope
>> this helps. Grace
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